How can I support my child?

We would love you to be involved in all aspects of your child's/children's journey throughout their time at Baysgarth and encourage you to keep in touch with your childss teacher where needed. 

No question is too small, and we aim to help whenever necessary. 

Please help us keep students engaged in their homework, and by keeping them actively seeking help by using the videos and emailing teachers. We hope to build resilience and independence and with your support we know it makes a huge difference.

In terms of equpiment we advise the following to help your child in class and at home to build consistency: 

Sharp ELW531  scientific Calculators we use in school. Beneficial to help with homework so they know how to use them in lesson and at home. 

White board and white board pens- Used in all maths lessons to build practice. Helpful when wanting to do working out at home. 

Homework book or folder- Somehting to write homework down in to keep a record of book codes and working out. 

Pen, pencil, ruler, ruber- Pen to write, pencil ruler and rubert for drawings in maths

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4